How To Eat Right Before A Test

How To Eat Right Before A Test

Whether you are studying, doing homework, getting ready for an exam or just need that extra pick-me-up in class-eating the right foods can help boost brain. By consuming healthy carbohydrates, you are not only feeding the stomach, but also the brain. Interestingly, our brain is the only organ in our body that use glucose for energy. Carbohydrates provide the brain with glucose which helps to keep us sharp and alert. Here I will give some tips for eating right before a test

You need:
Healthy carbohydrates.

nuts, grains.
water, electrolyte.

camamile tea.



Avoid candy and chips, which contain carbohydrates. . they only provide a quick burst of energy, and in the long run does not help our brains. Our brain needs a steady flow of carbohydrates to maintain the mental energy necessary during long hours of studying before an exam. Junk food with high sugar content or loaded with carbohydrates provide your brain and body a temporary “quick rush” and will not allow the body or brain to keep mentally.

Consume healthy carbohydrates found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods produce a prolonged energy supply. In addition, they help increase serotonin that calms the brain. If you are stressed about an exam, eat healthy carbs an hour or two before. This will help with memory as well.

Try to drink something warm and soothing as milk or chamomile tea an hour before bedtime if you are stressed about an exam. This may help calm nerves and give you a good night’s sleep you need for the next day.

Eat comfort foods like apples and peanut butter if you are very nervous and have anxiety attacks before aa test. The fruit will provide a serotonin boost that can calm the nerves makes it easier to focus, while peanut butter is filled with healthy fats and proteins.

Eat a treat that will help calm your nerves, such as grapes. As apples they can stimulate serotonin, but helps high fiber content slower sugar absorption and fiber helps calms stress

Tips and Warnings

Do not study all night before an exam. The body needs to rest and re-energize. Mental activities require a lot of energy to perform at the optimum. That is why you must get at least 7 hours of sleep before the exam.

Take regular daily recommended doses of multivitamins and nutrients.
This article is not a substitute for seeking medical advice of your own doctor or health care.

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