How To Thrive With ADD Or ADHD

How To Thrive With ADD Or ADHD

In this first article you will learn the basic steps to control the negative aspects of ADD and ADHD through nutrition

Assuming that you have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, one of the first things I discuss with my clients is nutrition. The fuel you put into your body will decide how to use and gives you more control over how you feel every day. Because you have ADD / ADHD What you eat has a much bigger impact on how you feel and how you think than the general population.

What are you eating? Let’s be honest, if you really want to unlock amazing potential and turn ADD / ADHD in an ally and friend that’s where you draw the line in the sand. Write down what you ate last week, you do not amounts only the basic types will do. Let’s break down foods into two basic categories that will be good and bad food. In the excellent category are foods that have a low glycemic index (do a web search for “low glycemic foods” or “glycemic index”) which means they do not have lots of simple sugars that spike insulin levels. In addition, you want to eat foods that are low in saturated fat (do a web search “foods low in saturated fat”)

Bad food for those of us with ADD / ADHD are high glycemic foods and high saturated fat as they are major factors in the way we feel. Think about the image that is posted on this step ups and downs, or spikes in your feelings and to a degree your glycemic levels. Many of us with ADD / ADHD are experiencing very high highs and very low lows are your feelings shoots. What control food intake or fuel can do is smooth out mood spikes, so you feel good all the time instead of manic or depressed.

Here are some basic good foods that will help you flatten out your moods that will allow for much clearer thinking. Foods that unprocessed lean meats like fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and slightly lower fat red meat. Whole grains are excellent, but you want to see how much wheat drink you have so many allergies to processed wheat. Your best friend in corn acreage is flaxseed which is very high in omega 3 fatty acids and is and excellent source of fiber. Another major grains are oats that are dirt cheap, is a complex carbohydrate and makes a great start yo day. You will plenty of greens (iceberg lettuce does not count) like spinach, mixed lettuce, kale and plenty of vegetables that are either raw or minimally processed. Dairy, including cheese should be avoided since it is very high in bad fats and you do not need it in your diet. Substitute soy, almond or rice milk products instead, but look at the sugar content. Trader Joe’s has an excellent unsweetened rice milk that tastes good.
One of the best things we can eat every day foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids. As I mentioned above flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, soybeans transform is excellent if you can stand the taste.

Many of us with ADD / ADHD have addictive personalities. It’s up to you to limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or other non-prescription medicines. The less “self-medicate” you make, the more you will notice the effect that improving nutrition is having on you. If you take them beyond that is probably due to nutritional imbalance. Better nutrition will help curb cravings for stimulants of any kind.

The final step is to be a fanatic about what to eat for at least two months. It takes time for all the lingering effects of bad food to leave your body and the effects of good food to be labeled. Many of my clients have noticed significant changes in how they felt with a couple of weeks. Another reason to be very strict in your diet for at least two months to give yourself time to understand how food affects the way you feel. After my clients eat properly for two months they tell me that they can feel it almost immediately when they eat bad food that makes them slow and hazy or nervous and uneasy.

Tips and Warnings

you use this article as a starting point in your research and use the Web to read as much as you can with search as “ADD / ADHD diet” and “Nutrition for ADD / ADHD.”

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