Health Benefits Of Rice

Health Benefits Of Rice

There are over 80,000 varieties of rice in the world. Rice has been reinvented in relation to geographic climate and needs. Flood-resistant rice offers relief to poor farmers and genetically modified rice enhanced with vitamins prevents hunger that millions face in the world. Brown rice is a type of coming out ahead to offer a plethora of health benefits

Rice is a subject of folklore and culture. First cultivated in China nearly 6,000 years ago, there has been a widespread staple throughout Asian history. Archaeological finds show that it was grown throughout the Yangtze Valley. Rice was not introduced to South America to the 17th century by the Spanish. When European settlers came to North America, they brought with them tiny grains

Brown rice is available in distinctive varieties: basmati, fast-food, short grain, medium grain, long grain, aromatic jasmine and Bhutanese red.

Brown rice is considered unpolished. Since it is not machined to the same extent as other rice, it retains its germ and bran. Considered as a whole grain, it is more fiber rich and nutritious.

Health benefits are plentiful. Brown rice is a rich source of dietary energy. The corn is easily digestible and beneficial for lowering cholesterol and intestinal health. It contains vitamin B1 (thiamine) valuable for a healthy heart and nervous system. Other advantages include fiber, manganese, selenium and magnesium.

The three largest exporters of rice are Thailand, Vietnam and China. Rice as a whole is the premier food staple in 34 countries.

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