Food For Anti-depression

Food For Anti-depression

According to medical information website MedlinePlus. gov, one of the theorized causes of depression involves occurrence of chemical imbalances in the brain. Although depression can surely be treated through medication, side effects of many popular antidepressants see some people medication as a last resort. A popular option for treating depression involves dietary changes that can offer some relief from depression, along with weight loss benefits as well

Anti-Depression Theory
Understand the research behind any dietary approach before using diet to curb depression. According to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry in October 202C people who adhere to a Mediterranean-style diet has a significantly lower risk of developing depression. Along with this, for a Mediterranean diet help to stimulate significant weight loss, strengthening of self in the process.

Mediterranean Diet
Uses a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, seafood, whole grains, and healthy fats to follow a basic Mediterranean approach. According to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to having depression fighting benefits, the Mediterranean diet also a heart-healthy way of eating that can substantiate their immunity against heart disease. While on the diet, try to minimize the consumption of red meat, sticking to leaner protein sources such as seafood, chicken, turkey and. Every meal you eat should generally consist of a lean protein source (eat seafood at least twice per week), a fruit, a vegetable, whole grains and healthy fat source. Healthy fat sources include canola oil, olive oil, and all kinds of nuts. In addition, consider supplementing with omega-3 fatty acid supplement, such as omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have anti-depressive properties according to information from the Mayo Clinic. Three to five grams a day of fish oil should do the trick.

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