Food That Lower Diabetes Risk

Food That Lower Diabetes Risk

More than 57 million people in the United States fall into the pre-diabetes category, according to the American Diabetes Association. Changes in diet, weight control and exercise programs could reduce the number of new cases of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association reports that those with diabetes are more prone to heart disease and other health problems

glycemic Index
An important way to measure the amount of sugar you get in your diet is with a glycemic index chart. Glycemic index is a system that ranks foods by how quickly the carbohydrates are transformed into glucose in the body, a measure of the effects of food on blood sugar levels. By keeping your blood sugar regulated you will reduce your chances of getting diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables
Most vegetables are low in sugar and can be eaten in abundance. Vegetables are generally low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. Some of the higher-calorie vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn have more sugar content, but are nutritious You should restrict, but not prevent, your intake of these particular vegetables. Low-sugar fruits are cantaloupes, berries, apples and peaches.

Carbohydrates are necessary for the body to function optimally. There are many high-fiber carbohydrate which helps keep blood sugar regulated. Eat whole-grain breads, brown rice and whole wheat pasta, which are full of vitamins and stabilized blood sugar. Legumes like black beans, pinto beans and lentils to regulate blood sugar. Avoid as much as possible white flour products, white potatoes, refined white sugar and sweetened drinks.

Eat several times a day regulates your blood sugar. There are many snacks you can healthfully indulge as tortilla chips with salsa, half a cantaloupe with cottage cheese, low-fat cheese melted on whole-grain bread, cut-up vegetables with dip of non-fat yogurt seasoned with oregano, parmesan cheese and lemon pepper seasoning, a glass of V8 juice or a handful of blueberries.

eating Tips
The American Diabetic Association recommends that if you drink, limit it to no more than two drinks for men and one drink for women per day. Measure the food to make sure you are not overeating. Generally speaking, a half cup equals one serving of food. Read labels for preservatives, trans fats, calorie counts and portion sizes. Eat cakes and desserts only for special occasions, you can eat out, and if you are unsure about the ingredients in a particular form, ask your server.

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