High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

According to the Mayo Clinic, foods high in fiber helps to feel fuller faster and aid in digestion. A low calorie diet along with exercise, it is necessary to achieve weight loss. Results vary person to person

High fiber foods fill you up with fewer calories. . Feeling fuller will help you to eat less and along with exercise will make you lose more weight.

How it works
According to the Mayo Clinic, dietary fiber aids in weight loss by keeping the intestinal system works thus avoid constipation. Stick helps in weight loss by giving you energy and helps you to feel fuller longer.

The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine recommends that adults get 25-38 grams of dietary fiber daily. Whole grains, beans, dark green vegetables and pears with the skin on are all good sources of dietary fiber.

High Fiber Fruit
Two cups of sliced ​​strawberries is 130 calories and add 8 grams of fiber. An apple with the skin is under 100 calories, with 5 grams of fiber.

High Fiber Vegetables
High fiber vegetables fill you up so you eat less and lose weight. Two cups of steamed broccoli has only 87 calories, but adds 9 grams of fiber to your diet.

According dietary fiber guide, equivalent to a slice of whole grain bread 2 grams fiber and 69 calories. A slice of white bread has half the fiber and 50 more calories.

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