How To Get A Healthier Heart With A Glass Of Red Wine Daily

How To Get A Healthier Heart With A Glass Of Red Wine Daily

It seems that publications everywhere are touting the benefits of red wine. Red wine is thought by some to be behind the “French paradox” the fact that while the French consume a diet high in saturated fat, they have a relatively low rate of heart disease. So why are red wine to get all this good press? ? You should consider adding it to your diet for the health benefits

You need:
health professionals

Useful liquor store employee.
Wine glasses of your choice.

Wine bottle opener.


Realize that if you’re not already a regular alcohol consumer, your doctor or other health professional can not recommend that you add alcohol to your diet at all. Most of the benefits of red wine can come from choosing it over other alcohols, such as beer or spirits. Ask your doctor what he or she thinks of you having a glass of red wine a day. If you are taking any medication, it is especially important that you ask your healthcare provider if it is safe to take it with alcohol.

If health professional agree that a glass of red wine a day can be beneficial for you, arm yourself with information to give family and friends who question. Some of the health benefits associated with drinking alcohol in moderation are: an increase in HDL ( “good”) cholesterol, preventing blood clot formation, lowering of blood pressure, and protection of arteries from damage caused by high LDL ( “bad” ) cholesterol levels. Red wine in particular happening contain antioxidants called flavonoids and nonflavonoid, believed to be a factor in both reducing LDL ( “bad”) cholesterol levels and help to prevent blood clots.

Think about what kind of wine you like most. If you are a new red wine drinker, it is especially important to start with the wines you like. Prefer lighter, sweeter drinks? If so, you may want to start with a blush wine that white Zinfandel first to get your tongue used to the tannins in the wine. A good next step might be a Beaujolais. Other sweeter red wines with Merlot and chianti. As a seasoned wine? You can only love a red Zinfandel or Shiraz or Syrah. Shiraz is usually peppery, and great with spicy food. Want something in? There is nothing like a soft, fruity-listed pinot noir. If you prefer a dry, intense flavor, move right over to Cabernet Sauvignon shelf. You also might like Malbec or Bourdeaux.

Consider attending a wine tasting for a id¨| about the types of wine are your favorites. Often, local wine or liquor stores hold free tastings to help drum up business. Why not check them out?

Speaking of wine and spirits shops, the best way to choose a red wine is to discuss it with an expert, so head to your local wine or liquor store and start asking questions. usually people who work with wine to be very knowledgeable about taste, so you are sure to get pointed in the right direction.

Do not be afraid to pair red wines with lighter dishes such as fish and chicken, or to simply enjoy a glass alone. There are no rules except “enjoy the wine.”

Open the bottle, let the wine breathe for a short time, pour yourself a glass and enjoy.

Tips and Warnings

Do not forget to talk with your healthcare provider first.
Remember that a serving of red wine is only 5 grams, not a giant wine glass full.

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