How To Relieve And Prevent Lower Back Pain

How To Relieve And Prevent Lower Back Pain

Have you ever had lower back pain? If so, you know how debilitating the pain can be. Even as a teenager I would find myself unable to work at times because of the pain. Several times a year, every year, I would be plagued with terrible pain that lasts for several weeks at a time. Over time, I’ve come to find that there are a few things that can be done to bring relief

You need:
75cm Fitness Ball

Inversion Table.


Learn to recognize signs that a problem comes. For me it’s always a little discomfort that precedes an extensive back problem. For many years I ignored this signal, but now that I recognize it for what it is, I use it to try to tackle the problem head before it gets any worse.

My first line of defense against an oncoming problem is my fitness ball. There is a large (75cm) neoprene ball used to do some exercises. It costs around $ 20 00 at a local sporting goods store. I spend a few minutes just lie face down on the ball a couple of times a day. My chiropractor referred to this as decompression. I think doing this is the primary reason why I have not had a back problem for over a year. When I made some activity that I feel may have started a flare-up, I will use the ball a little more often.

My first purchase before buying the fitness ball was an inversion table. My back problems were the worst they had ever been. I was out of work for over a week and needed to do something to get back on my feet. A colleague had recommended an inversion table before this episode, so I figured anything was worth a try at this point. It was a little expensive, around $ 200 but ended up being a very profitable investment. Basically, you go out on this upright table, strap your ankles and then sit back and table turns you upside down. The angle that puts you on is adjustable so you do not need to be completely upside down. This was the break that I had been waiting for. Although relief lasted only short periods, it was instant relief. The pain will gradually come back, but I could begin to stand up and move around. Using it 3 or 4 times a day when my pain is at its worst really helps out.

The last memory I have of my back injury went into my acupuncturist’s office. When I left that day the pain was gone. This was not my first visit to see him. I had gone twice a week for about three weeks. The sessions were very good and there was always improvement from when I went to when I went out. But the last time was different. I knew when I left that day that my problem was gone. Use of the equipment in the above procedure I have kept the problems away for over a year.

Tips and Warnings

I find it easier to sleep on my sides with knees slightly bent (semi fetal position)

Use fitness ball every day, not just when there is a problem
Not all back pain is the same. Seek the advice of your doctor

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