Food For Treating Depression

Food For Treating Depression

Depression affects millions of people worldwide and has a range of potency and effects. If you or someone you know battling depression, it is important to know that the food you eat can have a lasting effect on what you are suffering from. In some cases, certain foods proven to be more affective than prescribed antidepressants. Incorporating these foods into your diet, and you can see your depression escape

Fish is high in healthy omega-3s, and salmon has some of the highest levels of these fats. Omega-3 fatty acids helps keep cells supple and strong, and they greatly help to treat depression.

B vitamins have been known to play a role in the treatment of depression in some people. Spinach has a high concentration of folic acid, a B vitamin that plays a significant role in the treatment of depression.

oats and oatmeal have high levels of triptophan. This is a hormone in the brain that makes the body feel good, and it’s something many anti-depressants are trying to create.

Quinoa is a seed that is believed to have the highest level of protein in the plant kingdom. It also sugar released slowly, which limits the ups and downs of ordinary sugar intake, which could affect depression.

Broccoli helps to stabilize blood sugar. Our moods affected by these levels, and can affect depression.

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