How You Have Everything You Need For An Excellent Night’s Sleep

How You Have Everything You Need For An Excellent Night’s Sleep

You’ll sleep pretty safe most every night, if you follow all the tips I provide here. I have not slept well since I was a child and I finally get a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night. This is what I’ve learned after years of trial and error

You need:

Vitamin D.
Healthy food.

Book, soft music, journal.




Taking calcium and vitamin D daily. (See my other articles for more information on calcium).

Eat healthy foods. Eat foods in their natural state as much as you can. Avoid preservatives and additives. A healthy diet will help restore your body and help you sleep better.

Maintaining a healthy body weight. Snoring and sleep apnea affect thousands of people each year, and it is partly because of weight problems. If you can maintain a healthy body weight, it will eliminate many snoring and sleep apnea problems.

Know what to eat before bedtime, and what not to eat. (See my other articles for more information.)

Relax. Turn off the television, and other loud, distracting things. Spend the last half hour before bed doing something quiet and relaxing : Reading, listening to quiet music, journaling, meditating, praying, etc.

Stress affects your sleep. Most people do not sleep well when under stress, even though few people sleep more than normal. Do everything you can to de-stress in a healthy way.

Exercise regularly, even daily, if possible

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