Nutrition Games For Kids

Nutrition Games For Kids

In the US, many children do not eat healthy diets. While hunger and malnutrition is quite unusual, it is common for children to be overweight or obese. From poor eating habits, children can develop high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. Healthy eating habits and proper nutrition, paired with exercise and fresh air can give our children healthy life, now and tomorrow. Making nutrition exiting through games and activities will help children gradually develop a taste for natural foods.

You need:
Points Booster

. Scale and weight.
Number of minutes of exercise.

Level of exercise intensity

Nutrition Explorations : Kids
Nutrition Explorations: Kids (link in Resources below) was developed by the National Dairy Council, which conducts industry research for public attention. Children, parents, teachers and schools are welcome to use interactive games and activities on the program’s website, to teach kids a new way to appreciate nutritious foods. Activities found in The Pyramid Café, where children can learn through fruit and vegetable characters, about nutrition in their daily lives.

Nourish Interactive
Nourish Interactive (link in Resources section below) is an industry-based game that teaches children about the importance of nutrition, through USDA food pyramid model. Interactive activities include menu planning, learning modules, a video game, and testing progress.

ABC Kids
ABC Kids (link in Resources section below) is an interactive game site that nourishes games arranged in the following categories: My Pyramid, grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and beans, milk, oils and Discretionary calories, Kids and Food Safety and general nutrition.

Playnormous is an industry game and activity website that makes learning about nutrition both fun and educational for children. Parents and teachers use the site to reinforce nutrition guidelines in their menus and schedules, respectively. Visit Playnormous at: www. playnormous. com

Pear Bears Healthy Kids
Pear Bears Healthy Kids was developed by USA Pears to teach children the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables. . Pear Bears Healthy Kids, children can participate in fun and games, they can do activities, find recipes, read the stores and find new friends. This website offers nutrition games and activities for younger children. Visit Pears Just for Kids on : Www. usapears. com / justforkids

nutrition Cafe
Nutrition Café was developed by the Pacific Science Center and Washington State Dairy Council to teach children about the importance of nutrition. The site has three games: Nutrition Sleuth, Have-A-Bite and Grab A Grape. Children are engaged in activities trivia about nutrition. For more information, visit: http: // exhibits. pacsci. org / nutrition / nutrition_cafe. html.

Dole Super Kids
Dole Super Kids is a children’s activity site developed by 5 A Day for Better Health Program. The aim of this national program is to teach people about the benefits of consuming 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. The Dole Super Kids website has a catapult Game, SuperKid characters and a kids’ cookbook. For more information visit: www. dole5aday. com.

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