How To Burn Calories While Using A Computer

How To Burn Calories While Using A Computer

Being stuck in the office is no longer a good excuse for not exercising. Even if you’re stuck working at the computer, you can still burn a few extra calories by doing some simple movements and use your imagination. Turn your office into a custom gym

You need:
ankle weights

Fitness ball.
Ice water.

Gesture with your free hand. If you only use one hand to work the mouse on your computer, move other arm around. Make gestures when talking on the phone or twirl your hair with a free hand.

Tap your feet. Move your legs from side to side, and stretch them out and back in.

Laugh more often. Work is not always a bowl of cherries, but you can lose weight by laughing. Get 15 to 20 minutes a day of laughter and burn an extra 40 calories a day.

Work your legs. Use ankle weights and do leg exercises while working on your computer.

Replace your office chair with a fitness ball. Tone your core muscles while using your computer.

Working with a walking desk. Several types are now on the market. They offer treadmill-type movement with standing desks that makes you write when you go slowly. If walking is too much, install a standing desk. Standing, even without going, you can increase the calories you burn.

Drinking cold water. The body burns calories when it warms the water up to body temperature. Drinking eight glasses of ice water a day burns about 60 calories.

Tips and Warnings

Any movement is better than none. Keep your legs and arms move even if it is only small movements under the computer desk.
Working in a colder office can help you burn calories since your body needs to work to keep you warm.

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