How To Get More Sleep In Less Time

How To Get More Sleep In Less Time

Ok, the day is over and it’s time to get some sleep. But so many things to keep us from getting the sleep we deserve. Our brains worrying about money, our children, our spouse, our job, etc. And as busy as we all are during the day, when we get a few moments of peace, the mind burst in and may make it impossible to get to sleep. Check out these steps to help you get to sleep faster and sleep deeper

You need:
A comfortable place to lay your weary body

Prepare your environment for relaxation. Remove all clutter, create a quiet peaceful place to relax. Put dirty clothes in the basket, pick up the books from the floor. You may even want to consider taking the TV out of the bedroom.

Lower lighting. Bedroom lighting should be 100 watt bulb burning intensity. Replace all light bulbs with soft white light. Use lighting to tell your body that it is now time to sleep and relax. Keeping the room dark, wear light-colored curtains that shuts out or if you have a security light shining in your window as I do, put cardboard in the window before going to bed. Cover it with fabric that matches the curtains and nobody will ever notice.

Eliminate as much noise as possible. Some sleepers swear by earplugs, others use “white noise” machines or have a small fan running to hide any unexpected noises.

Prepare sleep “system”. Buy a good, comfortable mattress, use supportive pillows, purchase soft sheets and wear comfortable sleep wear.

Set a good night’s sleep temperature. Biologist say the human body sleep best at a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you like to sleep in the cold, that’s okay too-adjust your sleep temperature to whatever your body likes best

Turn off the brain. . . This is probably by far the hardest step. Some ways to beat their brains contain Keep a worry journal, (write it down and then forget it), perform some form of relaxation or meditation technique as part of preparedness for bed routine, or if all else fails, get back up an hour and try again.

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