How To Purify Water And Remove Fluoride

How To Purify Water And Remove Fluoride

Water purification is essential to maintain health in countries worldwide. Even in the West water usually is clean and can be drunk, it may still be beneficial to remove minerals, particulates and other small amounts of bacteria. Filtering is achieved for most of the impurities in the water, including bacteria, protozoa and other large particles, with an activated carbon filter. Filtration of fluoro, however, requires an additional aluminum filter, which captures not only fluorine, but other minerals such as calcium and sodium.

You need:
2-stage water filter with activated carbon and aluminum oxide

Purchase a minimum 2-stage water filtration system from a local home goods store. The filter must have both an active carbon filter and an aluminum oxide filter.

Connect 2-stage filtration system to your faucet, as per directions supplied with the filter.


Turn on the faucet so that water enters the 2-stage filter. Let the water squeeze through the filter for 10 minutes. Throw this water, as it contains small particles from the filters. After 10 minutes, you can drink the water, so it is now purified and filtered.

Tips and Warnings

Water purification and filtration requires professionally designed filters, which simply pour water into a filter will lead to very poor water flow. Commercially sold filters have a mechanism to force water through the filter.

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