Information About Maca

Information About Maca

Maca root, a vegetable from Peru, can contain many valuable health properties. This Peruvian root has been used for centuries, and has been touted as a natural energy enhancer

Maca is believed to have been fully domesticated 1200-100 f. Kr. It continued to be revered for its aphrodisiac properties centuries later by Yuro stem throughout Adean Highlands. The Inca later conquered this tribe, and maca was given to his soldiers to increase energy and endurance. The entire root was used as a sexual enhancer, natural health elixir and also in a number of traditional Incan recipes.

Double-blind studies have shown maca its benefits to increase sexual stamina in men suffering from erectile disfunction. The Journal of Internal Medicine have touted maca as a therapeutic herb because of its ability to regulate hormones and its antidepressant properties. Naturopathic doctor Tori Hudson says Maca can also be used to reduce hot flashes in women going through menopause.

WebMD suggests that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding do not take maca. Maca is well tolerated by most people, and no known toxicology information is available. It is proposed that up to three grams daily intake should be limited to more research is completed.

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