How To Boost Heart Health With Mediterranean Diet

How To Boost Heart Health With Mediterranean Diet

For years, researchers have known that people in Mediterranean countries enjoy a resistance to heart disease based on their diet. The interest started when the World Health Organization realized that some of the poor countries recover from World War II were actually healthier than their American counterparts. You can increase your heart health with the Mediterranean Diet by focusing on a variety of healthy and delicious food

You need:
Fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit Mobile Olive.

Fresh or frozen chicken and fish.
Whole grains.

Dried beans and peas.

Red wine.

Cheese and yogurt.

How to Increase Heart Health with Mediterranean Diet

Substitute olive oil for butter, margarine and vegetable oils.


Choose most of the foods from plant sources, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and nuts.

Eliminate red meat and replace small amounts of fish, turkey and chicken.

Eat a small piece of cheese or yogurt daily.

drink a moderate amount of wine (two glasses for men, one for women) daily.

Tips and Warnings

Use almonds instead of candy for a snack
A small amount of chocolate every day (about the size of one piece of a box of chocolates) contributes joy and satisfaction as well as some antioxidants to the Mediterranean diet.
Wine is only beneficial to those who suffer from alcohol addiction. Eliminate the wine of the Mediterranean diet if you have a problem with addiction.

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