How To Diversify Diet Choices

How To Diversify Diet Choices

Eat a wider variety of foods can help you lose weight by preventing meals boredom that can lead to emotional dissatisfaction and food cravings. By increasing the kind of nutrients that your body has to choose, you can also boost the immune system and increase overall wellbeing, whether you want to lose weight or not. So, here’s how to climb out of eating rut

You need:
Whole Grains

Fiber supplement.
Fruits and vegetables.

Lean meat

Eat from all the major food categories -. . Vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, meat and fat. Get a reasonable amount of each of these great foods in your daily intake is a good start toward diversify your diet, but it is not the end. You should also spread within each category. Yes, you eat fruit, but how many kind of fruit?

Start with the easiest diversified category, proteins, by rotating beef, chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs. Try new cuts of beef, new species of fish or new cheeses. Ask the butcher for advice, or check out what the person next to you is to select and ask them about it. Most are happy to talk about what they like to eat and how to solve it.

Explore the produce aisle. Focus on getting the widest range of colors. Every part of the spectrum has a different set of nutrients that help your body in different ways. Look for red, blue-purple, orange-yellow, green, yellow and white-greens. Select two or three fruits or vegetables that you’ve never had before, and put them in your cart, along with some old favorites.

Try some of the larger variation in grain now available in flour-based products in the health food section, spelled, amaranth, rye, rice and quinoa.

Move through other parts of the store. Try to find new options in each area, with a focus on healthier choices.

Re-balance your meals. As you add new, healthy foods, cut down on nutrient-poor foods you eat too often, like refined bread, pasta, grains and wood-calorie snacks. Strive for at least three food groups in each meal and fill any gaps at snack time. If you skipped dairy products for breakfast, have a bite of cheese. If lunch was low in protein, now for nuts later. If you have found a new cheese or type of nut you really like, you are less tempted to reach for chips, and your body will thank you in many ways!

Tips and Warnings

Trying grain alternatives can be especially important. Many wheat sensitivity or mild wheat allergies without knowing it. An undiagnosed wheat allergy can completely sabotage a weight-loss diet. It’s definitely worth going without for a while. You can feel better and lose pounds lighter.
Try to replace at least some of the white sugar with natural sweeteners such as rice syrup, honey, molasses and fruit juice.

Focus away from packaged foods, with all its preservatives and additives, the fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains or beans.
Do not change everything at once. Adding new items into your diet a few at a time. If you have sensitivity or allergy to something you try too many new things at once will make it difficult to determine what bothers you.
If you do not clear a little room for the new additions by eliminating less healthy choices, you may end up eating more and gaining weight instead of losing it.

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