How To Make Your Own Weight Gainer

How To Make Your Own Weight Gainer

Creating your own weight gainer may be easier than you think. You must remember that calories intake must be greater than the calories you burn during the day. If you exercise for more than 30 minutes each day, you may want to take in extra calories or more calorie-dense foods. Staying Active can help you make this new weight in muscle instead of storing it as fat. Here is a simple, high-calorie weight gainer that can help you pack on pounds

You need:

4 bananas.
1 c.

 whole milk.
1 c.

1 c.

 peanut butter.
1/2 c.



Peel four bananas and cut them into large chunks. Place the pieces in a blender.

Pour 1 c. Milk in blender.

Measure 1 c. Sliced ​​strawberries, and place slices in blender.

Measure 1 c. Peanut butter, and add to the blender.

Measure 1/2 c. Honey and pour into the blender.

Turn the blender on, and mix all the ingredients together until they are a mixed liquid.

Tips and Warnings

You can add other ingredients adapted to your personal taste. Peanut butter and honey is high in calories, but you can also add things like silken tofu or Ovaltine chocolate to add calories.
You should always consult your doctor before taking part in any weight control routine.

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