How To Use Goji Berries For Better Sleep

How To Use Goji Berries For Better Sleep

Goji berries can not only help you fall asleep faster, but also help you get a better quality of sleep. This article explains the types of Goji berries available and where to find them, recommended servings, how to get goji berries ready to use, and when and how to use them

You need:
Goji berries


Buy either dried goji berries, goji berry capsules or goji juice. You can find dried goji berries and goji berry juice online, in whole foods stores and Asian supermarkets and Chinatown. Although the best option for organic Goji berries are online and in whole foods stores. Goji berry capsules are commonly found in vitamin store, especially online. If you buy juice, look for brands that have the greatest amount of actual goji berry juice in it. Many juice brands have large quantities “filler juices” in relation to actual goji berry juice.

If using dried goji berries, be sure to rinse them just before eating them. Organic berries are usually good right out of the package, but non-organic berries risk pesticides and other potentially harmful things. Also, some non-organic brands have sulfur in them to enhance the color of berries and must be washed very well.

If you are consuming dried goji berries try to measure out 10-30 grams or no more than a quarter of a cup. This will be your serving size. If a smaller amount that works for you, use it as goji berries are not cheap. If you use the juice, take a serving of this juice (example: 1 oz) according to package instructions. If you take capsules, follow the specific instructions on the package for a serving size.

Taking goji juice, goji berries or goji capsules about an hour before bedtime to help your body get ready for sleep. When you fall asleep, you should sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed. You should not need much to produce this benefit.

Tips and Warnings

Use soft lighting and wind down for the night by reading a book or magazine after taking your serving of goji berries. This should help to get to sleep faster.
Goji berries are packed with nutrients, but try not to consume more of the recommended amounts you may end up getting too much vitamins and minerals.

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