Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranates called a “super fruit” by some because of the powerful health benefits hiding inside. Studies show that pomegranates to protect the body against disease while promoting healthy cells and a healthy cardiovascular system. Pomegranates alone does not protect against cancer, but when incorporated into a well-balanced diet, helps this fruit reduce the risk of cancer

Damaged cells cause disease, and pomegranates contain polyphenols, which promote healthy cells. Pomegranates may have more antioxidants than green tea, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, orange juice or red wine.

Vitamins and minerals
Pomegranates contain essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and potassium.

Heart Health
Pomegranates may reduce risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

healthy arteries
Pomegranates keep blood thin and helping to prevent plaque in arteries, thus keeping blood low while increasing blood flow to the heart.

Natural Remedies
The health benefits of pomegranates used in natural medicines to treat indigestion, cough and sore throat, arthritis, urinary tract infections, diabetes and prostate cancer and skin cancer.

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