How To Ease An Upset Stomach With Peppermint

How To Ease An Upset Stomach With Peppermint

Upset stomach, heartburn and digestive problems that we all go through, there are tons of agent is, but the one we use most home our good old-fashioned peppermint. I’ve found lots of different ways to do this. When my daughter was about 4 months old she had colic but now they have all kinds of medicines to cure this they did not when they gave all sorts of ways to alleviate, but they were most affective for her. So I used the same as my mother used on me for years. . . Peppermint

You need:

You can use it in the form of the star verbatim peppermint candy for little kids you want to melt. it down in a man with water and let it cool. works great!

Mint tea works well for people who are old enough to drink it.

You can also make you own tea with fresh mint leaves just boil them and enjoy!

Tips and Warnings

If you dislike the taste of mint I do not recommend using it when you’re stomach is sick.
Be sure that you have no allergy is to characterize before using this.

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