How To Stay Sober At A Beachfront Resort

How To Stay Sober At A Beachfront Resort

Just because a beachfront resort serves uniquely drinks out of a coconut shell does not give you a reason to drink. If you are determined to stay sober, you can do it anywhere, even when faced with coconut shell cups and a little drink umbrellas. Some simple tips will help you stay sober at a beachfront resort and greet the sunrise while others drown in early-morning hangover

You need:
Bikini or other swimsuit

Lots of water. Mobile telephony Determination.
The telephone numbers of friends and a local support group.

Plan your agenda. Make sure your days are filled with plenty of fun activities that are best done sober, like walking on the beach, windsurfing, swimming and shelling.

Avoid people, places and things that may entice you to drink. Hanging out at Cabana where everyone Downing frozen Margaritas are really not a good idea.

Have an escape plan. If you end up in a heavy-drinking environment, you must have a way to leave. Also make sure you have phone numbers handy for people to call if the urge to drink seem overwhelming.

Carry swimsuit. Since most people have a id¨| about how they would look better in their bathing suit if they lost some weight, wear a suit often and remind yourself alcohol comes with tons of empty calories.


Stay strong. Again, call your friends and support groups help you with this, as will the reminder that life on the beach much sweeter when it does come with a hangover.

Tips and Warnings

Wherever thirst-quenching and tasty the drinks may seem, they actually dehydrate you and make you sick in the blazing sun

Learn about the area or the resort itself, have any support group meetings you could attend if it gets too hairy.
Do not make best buddies with cabana bartender. That’s just asking for trouble.

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