What Is Orotate Calcium

What Is Orotate Calcium

Orotic acid is a biochemical substance made naturally in the human body, orotate are mineral salts created by binding a mineral for orotic acid. The controversial German doctor Hans Nieper used them as transporters to deliver higher amounts of active minerals directly into inner cell membranes. Nieper believed that calcium orotate could deliver calcium in the body where it was most needed, and without toxicity or side effects that came with other treatments. In Nieper medical clinic in Germany, he treated hundreds of patients with diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and liver conditions such as chronic hepatitis.

Dr.. Nieper used calcium orotate as a mineral carrier in recalcification therapy. He found it to be useful in the treatment of minors decalcified as well as adults bone loss and senior osteoporosis. It was used not only to treat osteoporosis, but also to prevent occurrence. The nature of the calcium orotate allows it to penetrate deep into tissues, bone and cartilage to promote bone health and strength. When cancer congress in Houston in 1970, Dr. Nieper concluded that calcium orotate “is a very satisfactory agent in recalcification of metastatic errors in the skeletal system.”

inflammatory diseases
Calcium orotate have been found to have a marked effect on inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and lupus, while having an anti-inflammatory effect on cardiovascular diseases such as multiple sclerosis, phlebitis, retinitis, encephalitis and colitis. The mechanics behind its anti-inflammatory effect is in the availability of calcium ions in the mitochondrial membrane. Dr. Nieper called this a “classic anti-inflammatory principle.” In 1975 he started treating lupus patients with steady doses of calcium orotate for the period 1 year, and found their symptoms to be tremendously reduced, even in advanced cases.

Athletic Performance
Dr. Nieper used orotate to treat a variety of diseases and ailments, but his work was controversial because much of his success was seen in his clinic and not well documented or scientifically tested. Recently, however, studies have been done on athletic performance and endurance. A study published in Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy Journal, Volume 12, April 1998, found that supplements of magnesium orotate significantly increased endurance or exercise tolerance in patients. As such, magnesium and calcium orotate orotate are regularly combined in performance supplements for athletes.

liver Conditions
In Dr. Nieper clinic, he observed many patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis or cholangitis, which is inflammation of the bile duct, shows improvement with calcium orotate supplements. Their general condition improved, along with the overall development of the disease. This is in line with current findings, obtained from liver biopsies of patients who have received the same treatment, but combined with lithium orotate. Researchers have discovered that the combination of lithium and calcium orotate provides healing effect that not only halt the progression of the disease, but reverse it. Dr Nieper concluded in later research that chronic hepatitis can be completely cured by giving patients calcium orotate, 3 g per day, for a period of two years, he detailed treatment and subsequent cancellation of 14 of their own patients.

side Effects
In his many treatments, Dr. Nieper constantly surprised by the low incidence of side effects of calcium orotate. This low incidence of side effects was mainly due to the effect of treatment, thereby reducing the required dose. Other forms of calcium is not absorbed well, therefore, higher amounts are necessary to achieve the desired results. In fact, the only side effects reported with calcium orotate are constipation or upset stomach, but these are usually mild and disappear when the dose is adjusted.

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