How To Find Food Labeling For Heart Disease

How To Find Food Labeling For Heart Disease

There is a certification program that was started in 1995 with a heart and mark through the heart to warn people with heart disease, this is a recommended food for them

You need:
Grocery list

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How to shop for heart-healthy foods.


heart-check mark means that the food is checked for levels of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol for people over 2 years. This food is for adults and not for infants.

To become certified, the food must meet guidelines set by the American Heart Association. The food must be low in fat and saturated fat. The cholesterol should be less than 20 milligrams.
This is important to maintain a healthy heart. In other words, no large amounts of fat.

Be sure to eat a low sodium diet. You should have a concentration of less than 480 milligrams. Try not to eat salt on food ,. . See how it tastes like without salt

The food with heart mark meets guidelines about having at least 10% of our daily requirement of vitamins, proteins and dietary fiber. You can already add the natural fiber that can be purchased in most health food stores. This further adds to the accuracy of heart disease prevention.

Tips and Warnings

Buy a vitamin dispenser for vitamins. Take them on a daily basis to ensure that you have plenty of vitamins and minerals. You can refrigerate your dietary fiber when you open the package to keep freshness. Your meat should always lean, with less visible fat.
Be sure and get a regular check up with your doctor. Exercise daily to maintain proper weight, or to lose weight. Most of us know that smoking is bad for your heart. If possible, cut out smoking as it restricts your blood vessels and causes blood does not pass through, slowing it down for circulation and raise blood pressure.

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