How To Get Rid Of C Section Belly

How To Get Rid Of C Section Belly

Most women who have had a cesarean share fears that stomach pouch left over after weight loss will be there forever. Some say that it will be there no matter what you do, but I’m here to tell you that it is possible. This is not easy, by any means. It requires a lot of work and a lot of patience. This is what you do:

You need:

. Skin firming lotion.
Gym Membership / Training DVD / Home Gym Equipment.

Organic (optional) single-ingredient foods.
High protein foods.

Motivation !!!!.


Check with your doctor before doing any of these recommended steps. A high-protein diet may not be healthy for some people and could negatively affect certain body functions if taken by someone. Consult a physician before beginning any diet or exercise! Make sure you have all-clear from OB-GYN to begin working out. It is dangerous to start exercising too soon after a caesarean, then it can lead to the reef on average elsewhere.

Try to consume only ¨|n ingredient food. Do not eat processed foods of any kind. If you can do anything organic, it’s even better. Ideal foods include: Vegetables, fruit, eggs, Boneless skinless chicken breasts, whole grains. Do not consume large amounts of carbohydrates, but when you do, aim for whole grain bread and rice instead of white. Do not cut out carbs completely

Supplement : If possible, take a multivitamin and protein powder daily

Hydrate ,. . hydrate, hydrate !! With only water! If you can not stand the usual boring water, flavor it with lemon or lime, or mix with protein powder. NOT drink soda! Soda is the worst thing you can drink (soda including diet, sorry). If you really get bored with water, drink herbal tea, but never drink soda and stay away from juices. They are generally very high in sugar.

Cardio. . . and lots of it. It does not matter what type of cardio you choose, as long as your heart pumping and you’re huffing and puffing at least 30 minutes daily, but 45 is preferable. Walk, run, jump rope, jump on the trampoline, cycling, using an elliptical machine, etc.. . Just get moving!

Pilates, I have found, is the best way to get your abs back into shape very quickly, especially after abdominal muscles has been put through so much lately (with few cut and all that). Take it easy and start slowly. If you take a class, explain your situation to the instructor so he / she can offer you modifications. If you use a DVD, try to choose one with more than one level, so you can start as a beginner. Although you previous experience with Pilates, start at the beginner level, anyway. Your lower abs are very weak after surgery

If you have loose skin : Drink more water to help return elasticity and help it out further with Q10 or cellulite cream specifically created to target the stomach. Nivea Q10 is very good.

Tips and Warnings

Please read the Step 1 again. Do not continue with these steps until you have received the green light from your doctor!

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