Non-drowsy Alternatives To Serotonin

Non-drowsy Alternatives To Serotonin

You need:

Empty vitamin capsules
. Loose herbal or vitamin mixture.

Airtight container.

The human brain produces a hormone called serotonin, which is responsible for basic happiness levels. If the brain produces too little or too much serotonin naturally, nerve-related conditions are possible. Usually doctors prescribe prescription drugs known as serotonin receptors to deal with imbalances. But many of these medications cause drowsiness and other undesirable symptoms of sluggishness. Some alternatives treatments are more favorable to alertness.
St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is an herb that is sometimes used for the same reasons as serotonin receptors, which include anxiety attacks and some forms of depression. It is taken as a tea, capsule, pill or liquid, and it does not require doctor’s prescription. Side effects did not seem to concentrate on drowsiness, although it is sometimes used for sleep problems. The listed side effects are a possible sensitivity to light, stomach problems, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction and fatigue.

Kava, an herbal product often taken as a drink, including tea, has calming effect similar to serotonin receptors, but without drowsy aspect. One of its strongest features is that it keeps the mind alert as it eases stress and anxiety in a natural way, according to Kava Root. com, encourage the happy, peaceful feelings. It is also known as Piper methysticum, and its origins are in the South Pacific, starting in Melanesia, where it grows wild. The story involves both ceremonial and medicinal uses, all related to its sedative properties and effects.
Prescription drugs, sometimes used in place of serotonin receptors, is from the family of Azaspirones, which is a group of medicines used to treat symptoms of anxiety. Users should not expect instant results. They work gradually, usually over a period of several weeks. But these drugs are free of harsh side effects. They do not cause drowsiness, and they do not tend to create memory or balance problems. According Anxiety Secrets. com, “It has been said to cause” out of it! “Feeling.”

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