How To Calculate Percentage Of Weight Loss

How To Calculate Percentage Of Weight Loss

It is motivating to watch Biggest Loser during a diet. But when I see a £ 400 men lose 30 pounds in a week it can make me feel that my 5 kilo weight loss is nothing in comparison — especially since 30 pounds is my total weight loss goals. That is why the Biggest Loser, calculate the participants’ weight loss percentage and compare participants percentage lost, not pounds lost. By following these steps, you can also calculate the weight loss percentage and see if you are the biggest loser.

You need:
Nutrition Calculator

First, write down your starting weight, so you do not forget the next few weeks. So when you weigh you again next week, calculate your total weight change by subtracting the final weight of the starting weight. (Hopefully this will be a loss and not a gain!)

Now that you know your pounds lost for the week, share it with your starting weight. This will give you a fraction, for example 0.325.

Multiply the answer in step 2 by 100 and round to the nearest tenth. Now you know what percentage of weight loss and compare it with those on Biggest Loser. A weight loss of 2 to 4% is very good. Happy dieting!

Tips and Warnings

Another way to calculate your share of weight loss is to multiply the total weight by 100 and dividing by your starting weight.

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