How To Stop Binge Eating At Restaurants

How To Stop Binge Eating At Restaurants

We’ve all gone to restaurants and been tempted by the unhealthiest things on the menu. This will help you to think for a minute before choosing an unhealthy entree, and help you maintain a healthy diet when you go to restaurants

You need:
. Supportive friends and family.
The desire to be healthy.

If possible, help to choose the restaurant that you (and your friends / family) to go to. Choose one where you either do not love most of the menu, or who have healthy options. The reason why you should choose a restaurant where you do not love the menu is because nothing unhealthy will seem very tempting, and you can handle ordering something simple like a salad.

Do not deprive yourself of pre-dinner bread, nachos, or anything else offered. But you have to limit yourself. Make an appointment with yourself: if I only eat one piece of bread, I have a Hershey kiss when I get home as a reward
Working with self-barter system. . Tell yourself, “If I do not do this, I can do it.” In practice, it will be, “If I choose a healthy entree, I treat myself to a new shirt next week.” This method does wonders for me. If you like clothes more than food, will this deal be great!

Eat slowly and eat less. Being a money saver, I love the idea that I could eat half of my entree and have a full, second meal the next day. It is not necessary to ask for half of your meal in a box in advance, because only eat half will teach you some control on their own. (It’s okay to mess up once in a while, by the way. Eat whole meal if it makes you happy!)

If you really want dessert, share! I bet you will feel equally satisfied with a half-slice of cake than you would with a full one. Even better, go to a restaurant that offers free mints or chocolate (like Olive Garden) after a meal. A small piece of chocolate will give you the same feeling sugary like a piece of cake when you move away from the table.
If in doubt, skip it! Skip soda, ask for no cheese, light goes on Alfredo sauce. If you just do not need it, do not get it. If it’s in front of you, it’s harder to say no to anything.

Tips and Warnings

Drink water! It will save you money and calories.
If you need to drink, sample wine and avoid costly and calorie-filled mixed drinks.
If possible, just look at the diet part of a menu. It will save you the pain of seeing things that you can not eat
Remember to share the rule :. If you share it with a friend, also share calories.
Consider healthier alternatives for cravings: A veggie burger or Portobello mushroom burger, rather than a hamburger, or sweet potato fries instead of regular fries
It can be terrible to diet. . Once in a while, go ahead and let go!
Make sure that so-called “healthy” main course actually is. You’d be surprised where they can hide calories.

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