How To Enjoy A Dairy-free Lifestyle

How To Enjoy A Dairy-free Lifestyle

! Going dairy-free does not have to be boring

You need:
Rice, soy, or Almond Milk
Dairy-Free Cookbook.

Select an acceptable substitute milk for daily use. There are many options these days, so soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk. You may need to select different types for different purposes, such as common for cooking and vanilla flavored drinking.

There are many wonderful companies that make dairy-free treats like ice cream, yogurt, egg nog, and even cream cheese and sour cream substitutes (usually made from soy). It may be an acquired taste at first, but they taste has increased sharply in recent years, and only get better!

Learn to scrutinize carefully. Dairy can hide under different names, such as “whey,” “casein”, “caseinate”, “lactose” or other words that contain “Lactobacillus”. You can find the unexpected in baked or breaded products, cereals, meat products, sauces, marinades, mixes, or processed foods. When in doubt, look for products that are vegan (no animal products) or kosher (never mixing dairy ingredients with meat).

Find a good dairy-free cookbook. There are many ways to make your favorite dishes without dairy products, but it is not always so simple as to exclude milk or using a compensation that may not thicken properly.

Learn how to order food. You know to avoid cheese, butter, cream sauces and cream, but dairy products can sometimes hide in unexpected places such as marinades, bread, or even guacamole. Most restaurants have an ingredient list you can investigate to ensure that you do not eat any mishap. You can find one on their website in advance. You can also send a note to the chef detailing which ingredients you are allergic to. Many chefs have been trained to cook for customers with food allergies, and enjoy the opportunity to test their skills.

Tips and Warnings

Learn to appreciate the dark chocolate. Check candy bar labels carefully to be sure there are no milk products.
Because symptoms can vary or be barely noticeable, many are not sure if they are really allergic or sensitive to dairy products. When in doubt, be tested. Your local homeopath can take a blood test for food sensitivities that should be able to tell if your immune system reacts negatively when exposed to dairy products.
If you test positive, you should consider an allergy elimination treatment NAET.
Make sure you get enough calcium and taking a supplement if necessary
This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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