How To Measure Metabolism

How To Measure Metabolism

Are you convinced that your metabolism is too slow? A new device makes it easier and cheaper to measure metabolism

Does it seem as if everything you eat goes into the stomach or hips? Are you convinced that you have a slow metabolism? Previously it would have been difficult to measure metabolism outside a research center. The old way to measure metabolism was through a process known as direct calorimetry. This meant spending time in a calorimeter, an atmospherically controlled chamber, how much heat can be produced at rest measured. The other option was indirect calorimetry where you breathe into a bag after an overnight fast, and the oxygen content in the exhaled air is analyzed.

Both direct and indirect calorimetry calorimetry are precise ways to measure resting metabolic rate or RMR. The problem is that the equipment needed to do this type of testing is quite expensive, usually out of the price range of most doctors’ offices. At least until now. Recently, a new handheld device comes on the market that uses the principle of indirect calorimetry to measure metabolism in a much more affordable way. This device is called Meta Check calculate RMR in about ten minutes. To do this test, you breathe into a special mouthpiece which lung gases can be collected and oxygen content analyzed. Formulas can then be used to calculate your resting metabolic rate. Some doctors’ offices and gyms now have this equipment on site.

Which knowledge is obtained by measuring the metabolism? This new device measures RMR is the rate at which calories are burned when the body is completely still, perform only basic functions like breathing and digestion. Surprisingly, most burning between seventy and eighty percent of their calories at rest. Exercising increases calorie burn, but most people do not spend all day exercising, so your resting metabolic rate has a greater impact on the rate of calorie burn. Being able to measure metabolism and understand how quickly you burn calories at rest, you can more precisely tailor your diet and exercise program.

Being able to measure metabolism quickly and easily in a doctor’s office may be important for anyone who has reached a weight loss plateau. Sometimes weight loss plateaus occur because of excessive calorie restriction causes the metabolism to slow down to conserve energy. Once you know your RMR, the diet can be adjusted so that the maximum number of calories can be admitted without risking weight gain.

If you have trouble adjusting the diet and weight loss program to achieve your goals, or if you have reached a weight loss plateau, see if this ten minute test is available in your area to measure metabolism. It may be time and money well spent.

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