How To Choose Vitamin Supplements

How To Choose Vitamin Supplements

There are so many options for consumers today when it comes to choosing a vitamin supplement program and so much information and misinformation for consumers to sort through to make purchase decisions that it may all seem very overwhelming. While vitamin supplements industry has many brands and each brand has its claim to fame, there are some basic aspects of vitamin supplements every consumer should consider before buying, for example, vitamin absorption, vitamin health, natural vitamins, vitamin-quality and liquid vitamins.
You need:
. A consultation with a doctor or nutritionist to find specific vitamin dose

Think Vitamin Absorption and natural vitamins made from whole foods :. .
The rate of absorption of a vitamin is really what determines vitamins efficiency. So often with chemically synthesized vitamins, a person simply secrete vitamins, even when taken with food as recommended with these vitamins. This adds substantially up to be a waste of time and effort on the consumer’s part. The best option is to choose natural vitamins that are actually whole foods itself. These vitamins do not even need to be taken with food, because they really are small capsules of compressed nutritious food. find Absorption Rate tests that the human body absorbs up to 20 times the amount of whole food vitamins than chemically synthesized vitamins
Think Liquid Vitamins :. .
Liquid vitamins are not only easier to swallow, but they have an almost immediate 98% absorption rate. .
Think Vitamin Supplements Quality:
Believe it or not, will not the FDA does not regulate vitamin supplements. Therefore it is important that you choose a vitamin supplement that has been tested and enhances efficiency. Most reliable vitamin supplement brands test their product absorption efficiency and test their vitamin supplies for contaminants such as E. coli. on a regular basis. Look for language on the label that reads something like, “laboratory tested,” “independent study,” or “quality guaranteed.” If you are unsure, call the company and ask about their standards to ensure their products purity and strength. You can also look for a seal of approval from US Pharmacopoeia dietary Verification Program. (USP-DSVP) This indicates that the company voluntarily keep their products to high standards set by a group of independent experts

Tips and Warnings

It is best to consult with a doctor or a nutritionist to determine what specific types and quantities of vitamin supplements that an individual should take on a regular basis, that different individuals may have very different needs
Avoid Time Release Vitamin Supplements: Time-release vitamins has been proven in study after study to have no effect on vitamin absorption. Actually achieving their ability to time release, these vitamins often made with phosphorus, a nutrient most people get more of today than they need. Nevertheless, the so many low quality brands sell this idea to the consumers, and mark up the price of their vitamins because of their “amazing time-release properties.”
Use common sense to avoid marketing ploys and fraud, if a vitamin supplement company promises remarkable health changes during the short time it’s probably exactly what it looks too good to be true.

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