Eat Whatever You Want And Still Shed Pounds

Eat Whatever You Want And Still Shed Pounds

You have tried one bazillion different diets and yet you still can not shed those stubborn pounds! Learn how the author has lost over 40 pounds while enjoying pizza, ribs and all his other favorite foods without diet pills or some too good to be true exercise device purchased from a late night infomercial

You need:
rice flour.
Tapioca flour.
Potato starch.
Buttermilk powder.
Sugar substitute.
Baking soda.
Baking soda.
Xanthan Gum.
Canola oil.
Large bowl.
Large skillet.

The first step in order to shed those stubborn pounds is to enjoy what you eat. One of the worst things for weight loss is to replace your favorite foods with mild or bird tastes things that Peruvian yak milk or other natural foods from your local hippie food coop. The results will be that you will have an insatiable urge for food you used to eat and when you finally break down and order that heavenly rack of ribs will likely gorge yourself.

Secondly, while out to your favorite pizzeria, go ahead and that the deep dish pepperoni pie with extra cheese. But instead of having two discs have only one. Portion control is one of the most effective ways to lose pounds. Quite simply, portion control = reduced calorie diet. Follow this step with each meal by just cutting everything in half. Half a donut for lunch, half a cheeseburger for dinner, and so on.

Third. . . and this is crucial for step two is a successful strategy. . . DO NOT skip meals! Missing breakfast will most likely cause you to eat far more calories at lunch as a result of feeling ravenous. By eating three meals a day your body does not go into survival mode and trigger craving mechanism thus encouraging you to eat more at this moment to ensure that your body gets energy storehouse (translation: buttocks, thighs, stomach, etc.) .

Tips and Warnings

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with too good to be true diets, miracle fat burning herbal supplements and dumb devices sold on late night infomercials claiming for just ten minutes a day, you can shape your body for that of a supermodel. The fact is nothing can take the place of portion control and moderate exercise. Plus great thing about practicing portion control is that during the short time you have begun to train your body to expect less food, and this simple strategy will become easier and easier. The end result will soon be seen in your mirror!

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