How To Make A Low Calorie Pancake Protein

How To Make A Low Calorie Pancake Protein

How to make a low calorie high protien pancake, it’s very easy to make tastes good and is cheaper and healthier than protien bars

You need:
Magic bullet or coffee grinder
. Blender.
Whey protien powder.
1/4 cup oatmeal.
4 egg whites.
14 inch skillet.

First you have to grind oatmeal (1/4 cup) into a fine powder, a magic bullet or coffee grinder will do.

So after separating the 4 egg whites pour them into the blender and add water until it is slightly more than 8 oz
Add 2 tablespoons of whey protien powder preferably vanilla, use the one with the lowest calories

Then add ground oats and mix. pour it on a 14 inch skillet, it may seem quite watery but it will work it cooks best at a medium temperature.
Nutritional info. (About. )
376 calories 62 grams protien 13 carbs
or you can add an extra scoop of protien instead of oatmeal in which case it would be. . . 431 calories, 80 grams of protien and 15 carbs it is very filling and tastes good,

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