How To Improve Memory And Feel Younger

How To Improve Memory And Feel Younger

As we get older our brains slow down and our synapses not fire like they used to. Scientists and psychologists have studied memory for a long time and have developed some proven methods to help you improve your memory. Utilize any other brain exercises and take daily supplements will make your brain fire a little better and stay young. With a little work, to improve your memory is easy and you’ll feel like a kid again
You need:. .
Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil)

** Practice **
Daily exercise has been proven to improve your memory by keeping the body’s circulation going. Lack of exercise have much bad influence on the body, but has proved to

** Work brain **
Just as physical training grows muscles, waxes mental training brain and helps build neurotransmitter production. Make it a point to spend 30 minutes a day of cerebral exercises such as puzzles or learning a new language. If you like puzzles, crosswords or Sudoku are great for improving your short-term memory. If the tasks are not your thing, learning a new language shown to make a person smarter and improve their memory as well.

** Fish oil pills **

Fish oil pills may be picked up at any store like Mother’s Market or Trader Joes. Fish oil caplets contain a substance called omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s have been shown to improve memory and repairing neural connections that have been damaged by alcohol or drug abuse.

** Get Sleep **

Lack of sleep will not only make your body tired, but it will make your brain tired. Your memory is directly related to how much sleep you get every night. Before the invention of the light bulb, slept people an average of 9 hours a night. Now, in America, we sleep about 6 hours a night. Try to get to bed earlier and jump at the bar or late night TV for a few extra hours of rest.

** Reducing mental stress and have a positive attitude **

In today’s fast flowing communities, it may be difficult to reduce stress. There are many stress relieving techniques that have been scientifically proven to not only improve your health, but better memory. A positive attitude is also directly linked to our memory abilities. Remember that a positive attitude has cured cancer, and your positive to increase memory will affect it as well.
** Eat healthy **
A good diet is important to improve your memory and feel younger. Eating healthy will clear up your head in more ways than you realize. Chemicals in fast food that high fructose corn syrup affects how we feel and think.

Tips and Warnings

If your memory is so bad, leave a message on the phone machine for when you get home.

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