How To Start A Workplace Weight Loss Program

How To Start A Workplace Weight Loss Program

Most people want to lose at least some weight, but many office tasks force you to spend hours and hours at the desk. Workplaces have machines that tempt with snack cakes, cookies, candy and soda. But a positive new trend is that emerging combats sedentary, calorie-laden minefield in today’s premises. Weight-loss groups are organized in many companies and it is relatively easy to start one. More and more employers find that such programs increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

Obtain your employer’s consent. This can be as simple as talking to the office supervisor or as formal as drafting a memo containing the names of people interested in forming a weight-loss support group. Request permission to hold meetings during lunch or after work on the premises.

Spread the word through word of mouth or email. Provide a registration sheet for those interested.

Sessions should last from 30 minutes to an hour, but no longer. Following a common format for your training regime to avoid wasting time. At the first meeting, discuss goals for the group and ask each member to set a fitness goal. Encouraging the use of daily food logs and journals, calorie counters, pedometers, and healthy recipes.

Emphasize healthy weight loss through balanced diet, moderate exercise and behavior modification. Research has shown this combination, used in a supportive environment, leading to better results. If your workplace has a gym, arrange to have training sessions at least three days a week. Try going out for a healthy meal afterwards.

Foster an informal environment to ensure that employees feel comfortable sharing their frustrations, temptations and successes or failures. Come up with strategies to overcome difficulties and celebrate successes when they occur.

Tips and Warnings

Ask your employer to replace at least some of the junk food in vending machines with healthier options such as sandwiches, 100 percent juice, bottled water, fresh fruit and whole-grain crackers.

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