How To Work On A Low Fat, Low Sugar And Low Salt Diet

How To Work On A Low Fat, Low Sugar And Low Salt Diet

. Working on a low fat, low sugar and low salt diet
do you need:
. pen.

First of all you must find the time to go through your pantry, refrigerator, cabinets. You must look at all the items and read the labels. You’ll be amazed at what’s on them. Sodium is the salt content and carbohydrates are needed sugar. Fat and cholesterol both must be considered.

Now you need a paper and pen or pencil to start the list. You need to replace items. It may seem hard, but it will work. Look at all the labels in the store. Some may be misleading. It may say low fat or low sodium, but it may not be low enough. Of course, doing it yourself is the best, but sometimes there is not time.

When the store first look in commodities. Stay away from corn because of sugar, carbohydrates into sugar. Go for the green elements, beans are great for all 3 of diets. In fruits stay away from bananas, you get a half of one for sugar count. You’d do better to go for some cherries or grapes for you heart, you can make apples and oranges, and most all fruits. Go for a smaller size at all.

Now on to the meat department. This was little grease comes in. Look at each meat, and make sure you do not see a lot of fat. Turkey and chicken breast is best. Remove skins for less fat. You can still have steak and some pork just remember not fat, go lean. For sodium must stay away from bacon and ham. Treatment means salt.

Next on the dairy. Look for skim or low fat milk. Here you also have to check carbohydrates and sugar counts. Sugar free does not mean fat free or no carbohydrates. Cheese is an only occasional food. It is treated and that means salt. Some cheeses are better, so check the label. Ice cream comes in Dairy section you can still find some good not sugar low fat.
These are just a few steps. Remember it takes time and once you learn it, that will go a lot easier every time.

Tips and Warnings

research online
Go to diabetes and cardiovascular areas
These are tips I’m not a Dr. Just one wife

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