How To Cut Down On Your Caffeine Intake

How To Cut Down On Your Caffeine Intake

Cut back on caffeine intake may become more difficult as it sounds. It is very addicting and can lead to a whole mess of problems, such as headaches and mood swings. These are just some of the problems that I had when I try to quit cold turkey. So I came up with off who helped me when I knew I had to cut down
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Cutting out soda! If you drink large amounts of soda, for example 1:12 pack a day, it really is time to cut back. When you do this try to drink less soda a week, and slowly switch to decaf or even better try to go for fruit soda. I started drinking Fresca and it worked out pretty good.

The Coffee! If you are like me, I drank a whole pot of coffee if it’s there. So I said make a half of a pot, and put a deadline to drink it, for example if the start drinking a 8am then just keep it in until 10am, then pour the rest out. Also when you go to a coffee house, get decaf, it will taste the same. Another thing you can try is to switch to a lighter roast.

Start drinking tea. There has been so much research on the benefits of drinking tea that if you still need a small amount of caffeine, do it with tea in moderation. Black tea Earl Grey or English Breakfast, has about half the caffeine as coffee and green tea has a small amount, but has tons of healthy benefits.

Tips and Warnings

You can do it!
Also cut out soda, you can lose weight.
If you have questions, contact your doctor.

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