How To Lose Weight With Little Changes

How To Lose Weight With Little Changes

Lost 3 pounds is simply-with only a minor behavioral changes
do you need:
A Can Do Attitude

one. . . Take a hard realistic look at snacks you have in your pantry or refrigerator. Pull one out and watch the calorie content. Teeny tiny print-wearing glasses or magnifying glass if necessary. Find a snack or cozy which has 250 calories or more listed on it.

Two. Take mental note of how many times you eat this or drink this snack. For example- if you have 4 sodas a day-notice, soda 220 calories. If you normally eat three instant oatmeals a day-notice, is one of the packs about 200 calories. Do you really “need” all this? You can still have it-but make a little tweak
Scale back slightly. . . Instead of drastically changing the way you snack or eat every day do a teeny little change. “Baby Steps” Remember “Bob”? Instead of four sodas a day-only has three. Replace a light drink or water that normal fourth soda. Instead of three packs of oatmeal scale back to two packs adding fresh fruit to the oatmeal.

extra pounds on your body just calories your body does not use up. 3500 extra calories your body NOT USE UP equivalent to one kilogram of extra weight on your body. Yikes! If one soda a day at 200 calories over your daily caloric needs that one soda a day could potentially provide an extra kilos on your body in about 5-6 weeks. by removing only one soda a day (or a 200 caloried snack) for six weeks-which is a 3-kilo weight loss! All you did was take out a snack or goodie. You are still allowed even the other “regular” things you eat!

Tips and Warnings

Make small changes in your snacking habits and watch the pounds drop!
See shave of “empty” calories-that sugary starchy foods that come in boxes or bright wrappers.
Vegetables, fruit, and meat should not be food to skimp on or omit from your diet.
Check with your doctor if you need to lose significant weight. They are there to help you.

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