How To Choose And Make Healthy Sauces

How To Choose And Make Healthy Sauces

by Kristie Leong MD, January 23, 203Cbr /> Sauces can be a source of hidden calories and fat. Here’s how to choose healthy sauces, and even create your own

Eating a healthy diet can be a challenge, especially if you eat out most of the time. One of the most misleading parts of a restaurant meal sauces. Choose the wrong sauce and you can turn a healthy Entra © e or side dish to a calorie disaster. On the other hand, a well-selected, low calorie sauce make a meal more satisfying and enjoyable. Whether you are going to make a sauce for the family next meal, or select a Entra © e at a restaurant, it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some ways to make the right choices when it comes to sauces, as well as the basics of creating your own healthy sauce recipes.

Beware of Creamy, High-Fat Sauces.
Restaurants love to top starters and pasta with creamy sauces because they are filling and satisfying. When eating out learn to recognize the names of high-fat, creamy sauces so you can avoid them. Some examples are both © arnaise sauce, hollandaise sauce, Alfredo sauce, carbonara, and any sauce which is advertised as cream or butter based. Do not forget that the little “extras” such as sour cream on a baked potato or used as a decorative soup topping counts too. Although you may feel virtuous ordering turkey, gravy poured over it can be a real calorie demon. At least ask for it on the side so you control how much you eat. The baked fish you order from Red Lobster is an excellent choice, but not if you dip it in tartar sauce. Cocktail sauce or ketchup is a healthier choice.

Regarding creamy sauces for home cooking, you can make your own healthier versions by substituting skim or soy milk for cream. To add a little more fullness in the sauce, use a dry milk powder or low-fat yogurt. Low calorie margarine or butter can easily be replaced with full fat butter. To make low-fat tartar sauce, substitute fat-free or low fat mayonnaise for regular and enjoy a considerable calorie savings. Search the internet for healthy sauce recipes to make your family meal’s healthier.

Fall in Love with tomato-based sauces.
Tomatoes are an excellent source of heart healthy lycopenes and are naturally low in calories. When eating out, always look for tomato-based sauces for pasta or Entra © e. Questions wait staff in advance to ensure that tomato based sauce you have chosen has not added cream or butter. Ketchup is also a healthy tomato based condiment if you use a brand that is not loaded with sugar. Heinz makes a “no sugar added” ketchup that comes in a small, easy to transport bottle. When you visit a restaurant, carrying a bottle in your purse to the restaurant and use it to add flavor to your restaurant meals.

At home, it’s not hard to whip up a quick and healthy marinara sauce to serve with appetizers and pasta dishes. You can also create your own healthy, tomato-based salsas to add flavor to fresh seafood using a blender or food processor. Although barbeque sauce is typically low in fat, it is usually high in sugar. Walden Farm’s making a sugar-free thick and spicy barbecue sauce that also calorie free. Word has it that Kraft also has sugar-free barbecue sauce at the grocery store shelves. This is a great option to add flavor to grilled meat without unwanted sugar and calories.
Salad Dressings.
When eating out, be aware that your choice of salad dressing can turn a heart healthy salad into a real artery clogger. Avoid cream based dressings like ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard and thousand islands. Selects a vinegar based dressing instead, or stick with a little vinegar or lemon juice. There are so many healthy, lower calorie bottled dressings available, consider taking your own dressing when eating out.
Grow your own collection of healthy sauce recipes when cooking at home and learn to be aware of sauces placed on dishes served in restaurants. By doing this, you can avoid hidden calories and fat that can derail your healthy eating plan.

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