How To Burn 150 Pounds Of Fat

How To Burn 150 Pounds Of Fat

If you are reading this article, then you are at least 150 pounds overweight, or do you know someone who is 150 pounds overweight or just surfing the net and stumbled upon this article. I wrote an article entitled “How to lose 100 pounds of fat” and this article provides a few more tips to lose fat
You need:. .
Self Control
Self Discipline.
Food Plan.

First you need to get eating under control. I recommend trying to eat a smaller meal every day. Bottom line is that you eat too much.

Try to eat some fruit today. Usually when you start eating healthy body needs a few days to get use to the new type of food. You will still feel hungry then eat more fruit until you are full.

Do not worry about people staring at you. You have to worry about losing 150 pounds, so let’s focus on that only.

After a few weeks of eating healthier, your body will make adjustments, and you will crave bad food less. You will not stop eating bad food, but this is like trying to turn a ship. . . it takes time.

I should start walking. Walk everywhere. You will begin to sweat and burn fat, and within a few days you will begin to feel differently. Continue and start adding other exercises and keep moving. Turn off the TV, please.
You have a long road ahead of you, and the fundamental message of this article is to take it easy. You will not lose 150 pounds overnight. If you lose u00A3 1 every week it will take three years.
Try to get around some good supportive people who can help you eat right, exercise and start shedding pounds. Others have done this and it can. Pray to God for help. He made you and He can help you lose weight too.

Tips and Warnings

Eat the right foods and give your body time to adjust.
Exercise daily and get into a routine to burn fat.
Getting help and not set unrealistic goals.
Cut alcohol.
Do not smoke.
When you feel pain, consult your doctor.
If your doctor weighs more than you, get a new doctor.

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