To Eat Antioxidants To Live Longer

To Eat Antioxidants To Live Longer

Want to live longer? If you want to avoid cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, help your diabetes? You can if you eat five or more servings of antioxidants per day. This is a list of foods full of antioxidants to help you live longer and healthier lives

Until recently blueberries was believed to be the number one antioxidant food that you can eat. Blueberries fight disease and promote mental focus to give you better clarity of thought. Most berries have healing properties, so there is no need to limit yourself to just blueberries. Also add strawberries, raspberries blackberries.

Sweet Potatoes.
As many colorful fruits and vegetables sweet potatoes are full of healthy antioxidants vitamin, minerals and nutrients.

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are all part of the same family. They are all full of antioxidants properties that fight disease and promote weight loss.

Full of lycopene, tomatoes are found to be effective in fighting cancer and heart disease. Avoid canned tomatoes as they are full of salt and other unhealthy preservatives.

A berry from Brazil, this superfood 3A58 times more antioxidants than blueberries. Good to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and help promote weight loss. Just like blueberry acai helps to cleanse the digestive system because they are also full of fiber.
Found mostly in the skin of grapes in antioxidant in resveratrol resembles Acai Berries and they fight disease and promote longevity. Therefore, you should drink a glass of red wine or Concord grape juice a day. You can eat a bunch of red grapes daily too.
All these fruits and vegetables have one thing in common. Each of these fruits and vegetables are dark in color which is a common thread among fresh fruits and vegetables. In reality, we focused on the antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables. We can only eat 6-9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily are a variety of colors. This list mentions some that are high in antioxidants, but all fruits and vegetables are good for your health and help you live a long life.

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