Healthy Eating At Fast Food Restaurants

Healthy Eating At Fast Food Restaurants

Most people find it unavoidable to eat at fast food restaurants sometimes, because of convenience or circumstances. If you stop at a fast food place for a meal, but want to eat healthy, relax. It is nutritious choices to be found on most all of them

If you stop at Wendy’s,. . . ask for a plain baked potato with nothing on it and a small chili with cheese. Dump the chili on top of the potato for a fiber-filled, lowfat lunch. Add a green salad with little or fat-free dressing. For a low-calorie drinks, choose diet coke, lowfat milk or coffee / tea with milk and Spenda.

If you stop at McDonald’s. . . pick the Asian salad with grilled chicken and Newmans little dressing. McDonald’s has now lattes. Ask for one made with skim milk and Splenda.

If you stop at BURGER KING,. . . has a tender barbecue garden salad with Ken’s little Italian or fat-free ranch dressing. Burger King has Hershey’s 1% milk, or get a diet soda or coffee.

If you stop at Starbucks. . . For their lower fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. Fantastic delicious, but I wish they offered ketchup with it. Manage calorie drinks and order the right coffee with lowfat or skim milk and sugar-free sweetener. Starbucks also yogurt, fresh fruit cups and oatmeal.

If you stop at Dunkin ‘Donuts. . . try flatbread breakfast sandwich (veggie or turkey sausage). Dunkin has a DDSMART menu now, with good-for-you choices. Check out https: // www. Dunkin ‘Donuts. com / aboutus / breakfastchoices /. Skip the cream and sugar in your coffee, and instead of skim or lowfat milk and Splenda. Latte Lites is a satisfactory treatment.
If you stop at Taco Bell. . . check out their FRESCO MENU full of lower calorie choices. The Fresco Zesty Chicken Border Bowl is really good. All items are listed at http: // www. taco bell. com / fresco /. For low-cal drinks, you are limited here to diet soda.
If you stop at the Arby’s ,. . . Get Martha’s Vineyard Chicken Salad-diced chicken, apples, tomatoes, almonds, cranberries, etc. Raspberry viniagrette served on the side. The only diet drink here is Diet Pepsi.
If you stop at Quizno’s,. . . get a sub with turkey or chicken, vegetables, and mustard. Skip the cheese. Or try a salad and only eat half of the bread that comes with it. Quizno is as SoBeLEAN as a bottled drink. Find also Baked Lay here.
If you stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken ,. . . happiness. No, just kidding. KFC has salads ranging from 190 to 340 calories each. They also have two types of small dressing. Diet Pepsi is the only low-cal drink offered.
If you stop at WHITE CASTLE,. . . order a sandwich, not three (although they are small). No real diet food offered here, but if you limit your part, you will be ok. Large selection of beverages offered -. Juice, coffee, hot tea, diet soda

Tips and Warnings

Fast food restaurants serving tempting, high-calorie food, so save pain and not peruse the menu. Look for a salad right away, or see if they have a grilled chicken sandwich and order it without mayonnaise.

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