To Eat To Prevent Kidney Stones

To Eat To Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones at their best are uncomfortable and potentially serious annoyance. At its worst, can kidney stones lead to complete kidney failure. Treating them is not particularly difficult, but you can prevent them completely. Eating the right foods in the right amounts, will help prevent kidney stones, while avoiding high medical bills hospitals ask for their treatment

Take a fiber supplement. Diets that are complete with insoluble fiber prevent kidney stones, by not allowing the intestines to absorb as much calcium as well as flush out excess calcium through stool unlike urinary tract.


Eat foods with calcium. These help to keep oxalates by the kidneys by getting them to perform a function instead of being disregarded in the body as waste.

Try to eat more cold water fish like salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines. Eat them twice a week can help prevent kidney stones.

Find foods that are high in potassium such bananas. Potassium adheres to calcium in the urine, and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Sit down to a meal of a small amount of meat and large quantities of vegetables, fruits and grains. A healthy diet rich in these foods is the best prevention of kidney stones.
Drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend 10.8 grams one hour during waking hours.

Tips and Warnings

Drink more water if you’ve overindulged in meat or other foods that you should avoid.
Get plenty of vitamin C, but do not take too much. 500 mg a day is a good number because Ascorbic acid can prevent oxalate from breaking up in the urine.
Try to avoid grapes and cranberry juice and other citrus juices.
Avoiding meat is high in protein, too much animal protein in the diet has been linked to kidney stones.

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