How To Stretch And Roll For Cardiovascular Health And Spinal Suppleness

How To Stretch And Roll For Cardiovascular Health And Spinal Suppleness

Cardiovascular disease and stress are some of the common ailments of so many today. Partly because we are under so much stress our muscles stay firm and circulation is impeded and therefore blood flow and oxygen transport throughout the body occurs less. Your vital organs and tissues scream and become inflamed, including your brain. Oxygen is something our bodies thrive with or without it, illness. Start a routine to reduce the chances of forming these diseases

Roll ups :. . Sit on the floor and put your knees to your chest, hold onto your ankles or shins first, (you can hold on to your feet with your legs out as you become more advanced) rolling backwards and let gravity take you down and use your core roll up again. Krum back so not a rigid board when you roll back and roll up.

It’s going to feel awkward at first realize this. But over time, if practiced every day you will fall into this move gracefully and with control. This move alone made the mornings and evenings can loosen stiff muscles in the neck and back, helps release tension around the spine, intestines, kidneys, great for circulation promoting oxygen and blood supply to the brain. You will soon feel less pain. And more agility.

I do this in the morning and it helps me to loosen up my aching bones gets my heart pumping and helps wake me up. At night I find convey in this rocking stretch gives me a lot of peace and relaxation.

When finished rolls you can choose to balance the base legs with feet in the air back up from the floor to practice balance. And you can perform a great hamstring stretch as seen in the photo on the left.

Tips and Warnings

Start slowly roll up can be fun, focusing on c figure in the back.
If you keep this up every day you’ll be amazed at what it can for your health and appearance of your body.
This move is also great for strengthening core
Never arch or flat back straight when you’re rolling up, if the sides are beginning to cramp you can do it wrong. Just get ready.

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