How To Lose 10 Pounds In 8 Weeks Or Less

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 8 Weeks Or Less

If you want to lose £ 10 it will take some willpower. I’ll teach you step by step what to do each day to lose at least £ 10 in 8 weeks or less. It worked for me, so I know it can work for you. And if you have more than 10 kg to lose, just continue to follow my steps after you lose the first £ 10
You need:. .
Measuring tape.
Role model.
Be sure to take an image when you’re done !.

First of all cut out ALL sodas, even diet. Just drink the water if you can. Crystal Light is good too. If you’re like me, is an occasional sweet tea ok too.

Cut out any junk food like chips and dip (except tortilla chips and salsa, they are good), snack cakes or twinkies, even sugared cereal.

Now remember to measure servings! A typical serving of meat (make sure it is lean!) Is the size of a deck of cards. Some people will read calories on a label and say “Oh only 250 calories, which is under my diet limit”, but they do not notice that is per serving and that there is more than one server in the package. Also try not go over 1,200 calories a day, and watch the fat… trying to keep fat under 15grams every meal, but really shoot for no more than 10grams a meal.

diary. The day you start taking these measurements: Neck, Arms, Bust, Belly (the largest part), hips, butt, thighs, and calves. Also be sure to record your weight. So everyday Write down everything you eat, although there is one Hershey’s kiss. Then once every 2 weeks, take your measurements and weight again and take them.

Walk at least 30 minutes every day. Try to go for a full hour or more, but at least 30 minutes. It does not have to be all at once either. It may be 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there. Three days a week (never two days in a row) do some crunches, push ups, squats and help tone your muscles so you lose fat. Do as many as you can and try to do more each week.
Be sure to eat breakfast! Eat at least three times a day plus snacks (snacks I mean grapes or an apple or half a bowl of cereal). If you can cut out sugar! Use Splenda or similar. I sprinkle just above my cheerios and it’s delicious! Whatever type of milk you use is going down to the next low fat. . For example: You drink whole milk, switch to 2% milk. Or if you drink 2% milk, go to 1% milk.
The final step is the one day a week, for one meal a day, you can eat what you want. Now go not eat a whole cake, but you can splurge a little. For example: Normally you would have a serving of lean meat, and two servings of vegetables. . . well that one meal of a day you can add a slice of cake or something you’ve been craving.

Tips and Warnings

As I said, be sure to record your weight, goals, and everything you eat.
No soda or junk food!
Search online for a picture of a celebrity who has the body you want to achieve and when you feel like to slide, just look at that picture and ask yourself “Do I want to be like this or look like?”
As with any diet or exercise, please discuss with your doctor before starting this!
This may not work for everyone, but it worked for me.

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