How To Prevent Stretch Marks From Losing Weight

How To Prevent Stretch Marks From Losing Weight

Stretch marks are often apparent on those who have lost significant amounts of weight. Stretch marks actually happen when weight is gained. They are usually more visible after the weight is lost since the skin is no longer stretched. If you expect to lose weight, there are things you can do to minimize stretch marks. Since some individuals are more likely to get stretch marks than others, you may not be able to completely prevent stretch marks. In fact, if your skin is prone to them, you can not avoid them. You can, however, use various methods to reduce the likelihood of getting them
You need:. .
Cocoa butter.
Healthy diet.
Vitamin E.
Scar Treatment Cream.

Keep your skin moist. Stretch marks are more likely to occur on dry skin. Apply a deep moisturizing lotion to the area daily. It will keep your skin supple and less prone to stretch marks.

Use cocoa butter on the skin. Cocoa butter is a much used home remedy to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The rich cream makes skin soft and supple, thus helping it to resist stretching. Use it on your skin twice daily.

Massage your skin. Massage increases circulation, helps blood and nutrients when the skin easier. As a result, the skin remains healthy and active, making it less likely that stretch marks will form. Use steady pressure and circular motions to massage the skin in two to three minutes daily.

Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise increases circulation and helps to restore the skin’s elasticity. Get at least 30 minutes of cardio three to four times per week.

Eat a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is important for good skin health. If you maintain a nutritious diet, your skin will be healthier. Poor nourished skin is more prone to stretch marks as properly caring for your skin with solid nutrition. Avoid caffeine completely as it increases the chances of getting stretch marks.
Rub vitamin E on your skin. Puncture a vitamin E capsule and distribute the content of your skin. Vitamin E is very nourishing to the skin. With regular use, it can strengthen the skin from scarring.
Use scar treatment cream at the first sign of stretch marks. Such creams are available over the counter at pharmacies and drugstores. They work best on new scars, so use immediately. Rub the cream on stretch marks three times per day. You will usually see an improvement in stretch marks after about two months of use.

Tips and Warnings

Drink plenty of water. It will help the skin to remain supple and resist stretching.
Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

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