How To Burn Thigh Fat (starting This Weekend)

How To Burn Thigh Fat (starting This Weekend)

If you have plans for this weekend, this article can change them. Stop reading for a moment and stand up. Look at your thighs. If you are not happy with how they look, so it’s your lucky day. You found the right eHow article. Write these simple tips and get started this weekend

You need:
pair of sneakers

one. . . NO TV: This weekend there is no TV and sit around the house snacking in junk food. We’re going to burn some fat. Call a friend and tell her that you read this great eHow article and you are motivated to lose some weight.

two. WEIGHING yourelf: Find a scale and get it. How much do you weigh? Yes, I know, I know. That’s why we’re here, right? Write down that number. Now here’s the trick: You want to be less come Monday morning before leaving the house for work. Although it is u00A3 one lower. Only lower. Not higher.

Three. TIME to go walking: Find a place to go. Around the block. In the park. Regardless. Now you’re going to become a professional walker. I want you to go 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon and another 30 minutes at night. Walk, do not run. I want you to sweat and burn some fat.

Four. LETTUCE, SALAD AND MORE SALAD: Try to eat salads this weekend. Drink lots of water. When you do not exercise, read, go see a movie (no popcorn — eat a salad before the movie) and hold on. Walks on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, both days.

Five. Moment of Truth: On Monday morning, get on the scale. If you lost weight, you can come back to this article and let others know. If you can start this weekend you can totally lose more weight. Just take a decision to follow the tips in this article. This weekend. Do not wait. Happiness.
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