How To Spend Less Money On Fast Food Restaurants

How To Spend Less Money On Fast Food Restaurants

Most people trying to save money where they can, and that includes making an effort to spend less money in fast food restaurants. It can be done even with children bobbing up and down and beg for treats. You just have to take a firm stand

Decide what you have before you walk in the door. Let’s face it-burger places, taco havens and chicken joints rarely changing menu. You already know what they earn, so do not wait until the family is built with growling stomach before making a decision about what to eat. Write down your order in advance and stick to your list.

Opt for water instead of expensive soda. If you need to order drinks, ask if the restaurant has free refills. In that case, few small drinks instead of large. Children size drinks are considerably cheaper than super-sized big slurps. Get some drinks for everyone and send the kids over to fill them on occasion.

Share large portions when you can. Want to giganticize that order of fries? Why yes, you. . . and chicken nuggets / wings / tenders, too. A large order is usually enough food for two to three people if they are children. It costs less than buying each person own meal.

Look beyond cheap “specials” menu before you read common one. Stay aware of parts to find the best value, but the order of the cheap menu when it makes sense to do so.

Create a “No Dessert” rule and stick to it. Most fast food places serve more than enough food for a meal. Most people do not need the extra calories or expense. If you know you want dessert, have chewing gum in your car. When you’re finished eating, you can freshen your breath and forget about fast food desserts at the same time.

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