How To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy

Your diet is a bank account; spend calories wisely on “good investment” food. Good investment food consists of high-volume, high-density, high-fiber foods that fill you up on less. Soups, salads, vegetables, whole grains and beans are good examples of good investments. Here are some tips to incorporate good investment foods with other ways to stay healthy
You need:. .
A positive mental attitude is important now! A realistic approach to healthy eating.
Supportive friends and family who want to make good choices in relation to food, and live well.

Do not beat yourself up. Food is not your friend or enemy, then you are not bad when you overeat, nor good when you don’t-this mentality leads to bingeing. If you go overboard, just dust yourself off and start all over again, instead of punishing yourself-leave a bigger mess to clean up.

Do not compare yourself to someone else. Our society has given us more unrealistic role models. Fortunately, JLo, Beyonce, Tyra, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kim Kardashian are the new hotties embrace their winding numbers. Only dogs bones. Men like curves.

Negotiate with yourself-as in checks and balances. This mentality, we can have it all, just not all at the same time. If you know you dessert with dinner, do not have something sweet during the day. If you know you pasta or carbohydrates or alcohol at one meal, stay away from it on the other.

Serve smaller portions. Serve the food on smaller plates. You will be able to eat more indulgent food if you eat less. Order an appetizer as a main course will allow you to try indulgences like crab cakes, as long as you pair it with a vegetable or salad.

Use only genuine ingredients. Do not use any manufactured food or anything with ingredients you can not pronounce.
Cook with color. The stronger the natural color, the more healthy and loaded with antioxidants a food is. Spinach, sweet potatoes and blueberries are perfect examples.
Cook using local and in-season ingredients. They are healthier because they are fresh from the farm instead of being sent thousands of miles ahead of its time and is picked too early. A summer peaches are a better choice than a pineapple shipped from Hawaii.
Cook more raw foods. Raw foods have live enzymes that provides the overall glow that extremist raw foodists have. Make small changes and replace cooked vegetables to salads.
Prepare ahead. Select a cooking day, buying disposable containers and prepare healthy meals and snacks for the week. Also cut up fruits and vegetables makes them more convenient. If it’s already done for you, you can let go of something wrapped and fattening. When flying, do not rely on fattening aircraft or airport food. Think ahead.
Plan! Plan! Plan! Keeping fit is all about planning. Your diet is a bank account, so spend calories wisely.
Spoil your appetite. If you are at a party or out to dinner, prepare an apple or whole grain bread with butter nut so that you do not eat everything in sight at the party. Even eating a healthy snack before dinner will save you from overeating. Cancel your membership to the clean plate club. Make a concerted effort to leave food on your plate.
Do exercise that calms and clears your mind. Although yoga does not make you dripping in sweat, calms the mind from “food noise” and prevents overeating.

Tips and Warnings

Do not try to do all these things at once. Tackle a task that you can master and then add a new lifestyle change when you feel comfortable.

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