Eat Healthy And Control Your Weight

Eat Healthy And Control Your Weight

Eating healthy is a personal choice, but it is a good practice to effectively control weight, enjoy a happier life, and live longer. The following steps will help you with that goal
You need:. .
right food
Personal discipline.
Respect for yourself.

Understanding your body and how it works. Identify your body shape and lifestyle to help you assess which areas you need to improve. By knowing how much calories you need each day, you will be aware of how much calories you need to consume without adding extra pounds to frame. There are free tools and information online to help you with this.

Came across the common misconception that a thin body is healthy and should always be true for everyone. Many fell into this trap especially women who tried to go on starvation diet and poison their bodies with diet pills in the hope that they will look just as thin as the women they see on television and fashion magazines. The truth is, thin models are not as healthy as you think. So be kind to yourself and start eating well. Your body needs at least three full meals a day with all the food groups present and plenty of fluid to function properly.

Do your best to eat on time. Your body has its own clock that takes note of the time you need to feed it. If you do not eat on time or try to skip a meal to lose weight, the body’s normal processes disrupted and it starts panic. The next moment you eat, your body will try to take more food than it needs to. This is an unhealthy practice and should be avoided if you want to control your weight.

Eat soup or drink a glass of water before you eat your meal. The fluid you take in filling up a portion of your stomach and gives you the feeling of being full and help you control your food intake.

Be disciplined when it comes to consuming food portions. The more disciplined you are in the portions you eat each meal, the easier it is for you to get back to routine after eating a little more in some occasions like parties, special family dinners and other holidays. Magen adjusts the amount of food you eat each meal.
Exercise daily, even though it only takes a few minutes of your busy schedule. It’s good for both mind and body. Build muscle burns more calories to give your body less chances for storing excess weight. So exercise is a best practice.
Learn to control stress levels. People who are stressed tend to eat more to feel good. Avoid stressing out yourself as much as possible, but if it can not be avoided, try to do something different that keeps you away from grabbing comfort foods.

Tips and Warnings

If you feel hungry before the next meal, eat fruit instead of junk food. It fills you up while you get the nutrients and fiber that are good for your body.

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